Randall Davis, Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Instructor of Gohn Dagow

I specialize in chronic Musculo-skeletal, Digestive and Respiratory disorders. I mainly use Japanese style acupuncture, focusing on palpation of pulses and abdominal reflexes for fine-tuned diagnosis and acu-point selection. I also use MPT , (a non-needle, micro-current technique, to get immediate release of tight/painful muscles). I am the only practitioner in Corvallis that has completed this training. I love it for it's dramatic results. Additionally, I may prescribe Chinese herbs, Dietary advice, and Exercise plans. My goal is get at the Root of the problem, so the body can heal itself.

In my free time I study and am a Certified Instructor of Gohn Dagow, which is a style of martial art, that develops the mind, conditions the body, and is a path to mental , physical and spiritual growth. It includes the self-defense and qi gong movements, philosophy and meditation. The healing aspect of this art is what lead me to study Oriental Medicine. I also play guitar, and work in the garden with Leesa.


Leesa Walters, Licensed Massage Therapist #13160, Licensed Acupuncturist